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Steal Her HairStyle

We always enjoy listening to Beyonce Knowles songs and we love her sense of style as well. When it comes  to hairstyles queen B is @ the top on the List. Her hairstyles change all the time & she always have stunning and pretty styles. Today l have one of her stunning look from FLUNT Magazine last year issue.

flaunt_beyonce_07If you are like me and you like big & dramatic hair here are the styling tools you need and the direction to achieve this look at home.

what you need;-hairstyleing

  • Wash hair with your usual shampoo and conditioner
  • Spray Marilyn Monroe Limited Edition Hairspray ( its perfect to achieve this look)all over your hair and then blow-dry hair try to use a big brush (Babyliss big hair)hair dryer  it is the best if you have one.  If your hair is very curly you can roll hair with Velcro rollers and sit in the hair dryer 30-40min. .
  • Once the hair is fully dry and soft use wide comb, brush( comb) hair downwards ,then brush all your hair as you are doing circle and clip where the hair ends ,  you will be left with a hair in the middle use velcro roller and roll one big roll . allow them to sit 15-20 min use  sit in hair dryer if you have one  for better result. Open hair use your finger to comb then brush just the side and finish by using hold spray. For extra security you can use  a couple of bobby pins without showing on the back .  This hairstyle can be achieved on any hair length , but if you want more volume and length you can always add clip in hair extensions. Enjoy your big and sexy hair let us know what you think about it.