Wardrobe Make Over

Wardrobe Weeding

If you constantly find yourself in a state of frustration b/c you have nothing to wear; or running late b/c you are unable to find that important finish touch for your outfit, then now is the time to think about sorting your wardrobe.

Maintaining a tidy and well-organized wardrobe is key and will help make the solution of daily outfits much easier by enabling you to mix and match at a glance as well as helping you to plan your look in advance, not to mention your future shopping trips.

On the day we will create new outfits from your existing clothing and accessories. Whether it's for work, vacation, and your newly changed body or for fun, we can make the most out of what you have in your closet.

Additionally, we'll create a list of essential items you may need to pull your look together.

Duration of service between 3-6 hours

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We enjoyed working with Lia because of her passion for perfection. She takes on the brief and totally makes it her own. i was very impressed with her styling especially in our video 'Fly' to be released soon, her forward thinking brought to light a futuristic theme which portrayed the message of the music. We were very pleased to have her style us for all four videos, it was a project we wanted to complete within a short period of time and once we got Lia on board for the styling it was one less thing to worry about we slept knowing that our image as artist will be duely represented in the videos. She gets an inspiration and ensures that its achieved even if it means staying out late going from shop to shop to find the outfit as she pictured it. At times improvising however still achieving the outcome. One word to sum up StylebyLia, 'Eclectic' and our experience has definitely created a lasting relationship.

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Stone & Jezreel
Dublin, Ireland