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Hair Care Regimen


Afros come in many different colors, textures and lengths. Some are kinky, some are curly and others fall in more of a coil shape. Embracing your curls and natural texture is a great way of giving your afro definition.

The curlier your hair is the easier you will be able to style it with the right products. Something as simple as coconut oil can be all some people need, while others might need to invest in a few more products to get the style they’re looking for.

If your hair is  afro texture and if you decide to keep it natural, the right products can make a huge difference in keeping it exactly how you want it. Been from afro decent myself, and living in europe for a long time l went through difficulties building a hair care regimen and find a right products . Based on my experience I will therefor like to give you some simple tricks how to maintain a healthy hair regime and recommend  the following products to keep your afro in tip-top shape at all times, regardless of the style you choose.

Few Steps to a Natural Hair Regimen

At the core you need 4 types of products for your natural hair care regimen, tops. Also, remember products are formulated to work best together so you can save time and money by purchasing each product from the same brand.

2. Conditioner
3. Daily Moisturizer

1. cleanser/ shampoo

The foundation of natural hair care starts with clean hair as clean hair will ultimately become healthy hair. Use a hydrating sulfate free shampoo to cleanse with lukewarm water weekly and use a clarifying shampoo once a month depending on your level of product build up.

  •  Shea moisture jamaican black caster oil strength & restore shampoo, 
  • giovanni eco chic smooth as silk deep moisture shampoo
  • giovanni eco chic hydrate and clarifying shampoo  are some of the few sulfate free shampoo that works for my hair.

 2. Conditioner

Deep Conditioner (weekly depending on dryness)  & Leave-In Conditioner (each time you shampoo & daily if needed).

Use a hooded dryer, steamer, warm towel or hair therapy wrap for 20-30 minutes to deep condition. The use of mild heat helps further open the hair cuticle to moisturize. For extremely dry textures once a week is suggested; otherwise, 2 times a month is optimal. Use a product that explicitly states DEEP conditioner or masque/mask. There is a difference between regular conditioners and deep conditioners. They are not the same and are not intended to serve the same purpose. If you have the time home made Deep  conditioner is even better than the one we buy from the shop.

  • avocado, banana, yogurt, olive oil this one is home made deep conditioner, apply the mix and leave for 45min- 1hour
  • Cantu natural deep treatment masque 
  • Maui nourish & moisture coconut milk conditioner 

3. Moisturizers (Daily)

I seriously can’t stress this enough…moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Natural hair care is all about making sure those curls are soft and hydrated. This is the #1 issue I have because I am not moisturizing properly, or I am not  doing it enough.

Note: Moisturizing is not shampooing, co-washing or applying oil to your hair every day. At the core, moisturizing is using water based products to refresh your natural curls daily. Opt for a moisturizing hair milk or daily refresher spray.

  • Water and a little oil like almond, avocado, jojoba mixed in a spray bottle. 
  • Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie 
  • John Freda Frizz ease curl styling spray 

Your daily moisturizer can also be a leave-in conditioner of your choice, which in some cases may work as a styler too! Once you have moisturized the hair by deep conditioning and applying leave in conditioner, seal moisture with natural oils such as castor oil, jojoba oil, or Shea butter based products to retain moisture. Test different oils to see which ones work best for your texture. Castor oil or Shea butter may appear too heavy if you have a fine texture. This are some of my hair care regimen & products that work for my curls. What are yours? Leave us your comment and don’t forget to subscribe.

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