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The fashion industry in Ethiopian is growing dramatically the past few years.Growing international recognition for designers in Ethiopia  and Africa is partly a result of growing demand for ethically-produced fashion designs. There are so many talented designers in the country and not to forget Ethiopia has top quality cotton and the wold finest quality Leather. Ethiopia’s rich cultural heritage and ethnic diversity make the countries fashion unique and interesting, Specially for the designers inspiration.

Ethiopia’s successful fashion designers are predominantly women. Thanks to the technology, l have recently discovered the LA based talented Accessory designer Afomia Tesfaye through social media. How wonderful is to see our sisters making it happen.  She design accessories all hand crafted in Ethiopian. Her collections are funky, colorful and sophisticated. I can’t wait to put my hands on  her products specially one of her hand made leather cut out brogues.  As you see the image on the top of the article its stylish, versatile and timeless.  well done Afomia you are a true inspiration. If you want to know more about Afomia and want to see more of her gorgeous products visit http://www.fomicollection.com/

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Image credit www.fomicollection.com

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