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5 best Hair conditioners for curly hair

If your are planning to be natural on the new year as part of your new year resolution or you already took the big step & you want to treat your trees, Here are 5 best condtioners that give you a healthy and manageabel hair.

1, Organix soft and silky vanilla silk conditioner;-
It gives silky-smooth finish to the hair and
it is also a very rich moisturizer strengthen & seals the hair cuticles.0002279691019_500X500


2,Ganrnier Fructis Triple nutrition conditioner;- This conditioner is packed with full of goodness. Its made from 3 nutritive fruit oils which does wonder to your curls. It give life to damage dry and brittel hair leaving your hair shiny & sexy.prod-P41048-big

3,Amazonia Preciosa conditioner;- This light wight conditioner with earthy smell is one of my no.1 choice .For damaged and fragile hair its the best remedy specially if you use the whole range from this product.AZP-70331-3



4,Ultmate Blends conditioner;-
Very rich Nourishing conditioner with a belend  of essential fatty acids that transform your TREES  leaving it very soft & shiny. You will end up with Delicious smell too.Garnier_Ultimate_Blends_Nourishing_Repair_Conditioner_400ml_1400578093
5,Govanni Smooth as silk conditioner;-It give your curls very silk-smooth texture protects and control split ends add volume & it amazing detangle.500
I hope you are having a great New Year & any more curl friendly products please share with us.